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Technical Specification PX-1C

  • CE label according to DIN EN 14604, ROHS, German TÜV
  • Made In Germany
  • Maximum 12 years of battery life (lithium)
  • Bi-sensor processor technology (smoke + heat)
  • Certified magnetic carrier system with special adhesive gel pad
  • Maximum false alarm protection
  • Kitchen suitable (Condensation Barriers)
  • Insect Shield
  • Alarm signal > 85 dB
  • 60 m² detection range
  • Large, easy to use testing/stop button (78 cm²)
  • No battery change necessary
  • Processor technology / intelligent software analysis of sensor readings
  • Cyclical genuine self-test function
  • Help signal (e.g. low battery status or contamination)
  • Radio interconnectable
  • Frequency: 868.3 MHz
  • Protocol: FSK (Frequency Shift Keying)
  • Maximum number of interconnected devices: 15
  • Max. 14 subgroups possible
  • Radio range: 400 m (±10%) in the open field
  • Repeater function

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Pyrexx PX-1C Wireless Dual Smoke and Heat Alarm with 12yr Battery


Qty Price per unit (excl GST)
<10 $175.00
10 - 19 alarms $175.00
20 - 49 alarms $175.00
50 - 99 alarms $175.00
100+ alarms $175.00


PX-1C Wireless Dual Smoke and Heat Alarm

The World's Best Long-Life Radio-Linked Smoke and Heat Alarm

The PX-1C alarm has the added feature of being able to inter-connect via radio-link with other PX-1C alarms in the same dwelling providing instant alarm coverage throughout the dwelling.

It is a long-term smoke alarm, with a non-removable Lithium Battery, that has a life span of 12 years. This means that you no longer have to worry about annoying and expensive battery replacements. Therefore we actively contribute to the preservation of the environment.

Under normal conditions of use and maintenance, we grant a warranty of 12-years on the battery and the electronics. The PX-1C has a sensorcontrolled safety mechanism, where an alarm is only triggered when there are significant signs of a fire. Our products achieve the highest false alarm protection.

Our wireless products can easily be connected with each other and they react simultaneously when an alarm is triggered. What good is a smoke alarm that is installed in the basement or attic, if the alarm can not be heard in your bedroom! The PX-1C is suitable for very large and multi-storied houses as well as for residential units.

Our radio-linked smoke alarms are also equipped with lithium batteries that have a life span of 10 plus 2 years, which makes annoying battery replacements unnecessary.


User and Grandma Friendly Features

Certified Adhesive Gel-Pad Installation

The scope of delivery of every Pyrexx Smoke Alarm includes a magnetic carrier system with a special adhesive Gel-Pad. With our unique and certified installation method, you can securely install all Pyrexx smoke alarms to any ceiling structures. Mounting of the device by screwing it onto your ceiling is also possible and included in the packaging.

Beautiful Individual Design

Pyrexx quality smoke alarms combine modern electronics with innovative features along with absolute reliability and timeless design. The casing design has no disruptive elements such as special probes or unnecessary LED lights. The lower part of the smoke alarms functions as the Test/Stop button, which can easily and safely be reached in case of an alert.

Only Pyrexx products can be visually customized to everyones aethetical preferences. Our smoke alarms can therefore adapt perfectly to everyones individual design concepts.

Simple Maintenance

Simple Annual Device Maintenance

The smoke alarm legislation often requires an annual maintenance of the devices in your home. You can easily examine Pyrexx smoke alarms by pressing the Test/Stop button for example with the help of a broomstick. When contaminated, you can quickly remove the smoke alarms from their magnetic carrier to clean it with ease.

Unique Colouresque Variety

Do you have a favorite colour?

Every person is unique and colour represents individuality. In order to satisfy everyones tastes, we are the only manufacturer that offers high quality smoke alarms in numerous colours and colour combinations. Our wide variety of colours ranges from gold and silver to our wooden edition as well as the Swarosvki Elements® smoke alarms.