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Firehawk FHB10W 10 Year Wireless Smoke Alarm


Qty Price per unit (excl GST)
< 10 alarms $79.00
10 - 19 alarms $79.00
20 - 49 alarms $79.00
50 - 99 alarms $79.00
100+ alarms $79.00


  • X-Profile Detection Chamber - Unique X-profile photoelectric chamber design, protected by insect screen, to give reliable detection and robust false alarm rejection.
  • TSE-Technology - (Thermal Stability Enhancement) provides stability across a range of environmental conditions, reducing nuisance alarms whilst enhancing detection.
  • Hush button - Alarm silence feature allows unwanted alarms to be silenced - resets automatically.
  • Power - Sealed-in high performance lithium battery - service life of 10 years.
  • Separate mounting plate - Automatic switching on/off of battery on installation/removal.
  • Test button - Extra large test button for ease of use.
  • Low battery indicator - Gives 30 days warning of end of product life.
  • Low battery warning silence feature allows low battery warning to be silenced for 10 hours.
  • Red LED - Flashes once every minute to confirm power; flashes rapidly for self test and fire condition.
  • The Firehawk Intelligent Wireless Interlink Technology allows up to 15 x FHB10W Smoke and/or FHH10W Heat Alarms to be be wirelessly linked to protect the whole household. When one alarm activates, the entire network activates. Also compatible with the Firehawk FH700HIA Hearing Impaired Alarm System.