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  • Photoelectric sensor – best at sensing smoke from slow smouldering fires
  • Ideal for living rooms, hallways and bedrooms
  • Test button
  • Hush feature
  • Long-life built-in lithium battery
  • Extra loud warning tone
  • Low battery warning
  • Operates on 868.3MHz with a range of up to 30 metres
  • 10 year warranty
  • Fully compliant with NZ Building Code (Certified to EN14604:2005)
  • Meets NZ Government 2016 Rental Housing Legislation

Orca™ OM866H-LSW 10yr Wireless Smoke Alarm


Qty Price per unit (excl GST)
< 6 alarms $42.00
6 - 23 alarms $38.00
24 - 95 alarms $34.00
96 - 197 alarms $30.00
198+ alarms $27.00

Orca™ Wireless 10 Year Smoke Alarm

The Orca™ Intelligent Wireless Interlink Technology allows up to 20 units to be wirelessly interlinked to protect the whole household. When one alarm activates, the entire network activates. These alarms are the future of smoke and fire detection. In larger residences, they provide peace of mind knowing that a small fire emerging away from where people are sleeping will still provide an immediate close proximity warning allowing action to be taken before the fire gets out of control.